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At least that’s what I like to call it. I hadn’t even heard of a kettlebell until I saw them at the gym at the college I go to. Since I’ve started working out with them I have pretty much stopped all other weight training. Kettlebell workouts are great for working your core and for cardio as well. Overall strength is what kettlebells excel at. Getting a feel for how kettlebells are properly used is hard to discern by reading it off a website page so this video should help you understand how they are used. I do not own this video.

Now that you know understand how they are used, lets get to a good workout. The weight of the kettlebell you should use will depend on your weight and your fitness level. I am 6’1” 195 lbs and I use a 50lb kettlebell. I do not recommend using one this heavy right off the bat. Familiarize yourself with them first and move your way up as you feel comfortable. Keep in mind with the kettlebell, the options are endless for the workouts you can do. Experiment. Be creative and find what fits your style and helps improves your PFT numbers the fastest.
Here is an example of a kettlebell exercise I do.

50 sit ups
50 kettlebell snatches
25 push ups
50 kettlebell burpees
50 mountain climbers
50 kettlebell swings

I like to alternate “normal” exercises (situps, pushps, and mountain climbers) with the kettlebell exercises, but that is just my preference. Again, what I love so much about these balls of iron is that there is no one way you have to use them. My exercise above is simply an example of the endless ways they can be used. If you have access to a gym that has these then I recommend you go and try them out. If they don’t have them at the gym then adapt, achieve and overcome! Find a way! They are that worth it!