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I wanted to join the Marines, but I knew if I failed boot camp. I would let my brothers down… It’s not an easy choice to join the Marines. Your friends look at you differently, they’ll say things like, “are you sure that’s what you want to do?” Your family might be skeptical, but inside, you always knew that it was your calling in life. You want the brotherhood, you want the respect of the people around you and you want to know that you can endure the most dangerous and punishing environments on earth, and not only make it, but thrive. To others it would be intimidating, it would be nerve wrecking… To you, it is the challenge of a lifetime. But there’s a problem. When you enlist in the Marines… You have to survive boot camp, and in particular, pass the PFT. (physical fitness test) The PFT is a physically demanding challenge that only the Marines face. Your strength and stamina will be tested under the pressure of drill instructors yelling in your face. Imagine waking up in the middle of night, crawling through mud, and being yelled at during live fire exercises. What would it feel like to know that you gave everything… Only to make it to the last pull up and realize, at the most important moment, that you simply did not have the strength or mental fortitude to pull yourself up one more time. You had let your brothers down, worst of all you let yourself down. I’m not gonna let that happen to you. My name is Manny, I’m a Marine, and I passed my PFT with a perfect score. I’ve helped others just like you pass their test. In fact, my average student passes with a score above 285. I’ve designed the most comprehensive workout program ever developed specifically for the PFT. The very same routine I used to earn a perfect score. Using my workout program, I guarantee that you will pass with a first class score in just 8 weeks of training. I include the exact 8 week workout plan I used to achieve a perfect score. I’ve added exercise videos that will demonstrate how to do the exercises. I include nutrition guidelines to help support and accelerate your growth. I also include a printable calendar to schedule your workouts, fitness logs to help track your progress and most importantly secret techniques that will increase your performance. If you need it, I also added an extra option for you to contact me. This package includes the book and additional customized support. I will check in with you weekly and I will devise a customized milestone plan exactly for your fitness level. I’m passionate about helping fellow Marines, my goal is to see more Marines join who are physically prepared and able to support their brothers. It takes a special type of person to want to go through the hardships of becoming a Marine. You know that you will be challenged in ways you can’t even imagine. Would you give 8 weeks right now, to change the rest of your life?

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