Push-ups are not part of the Marine Corps fitness test meaning you do not have to do a certain number of them to pass. But you will be doing hundreds of them all throughout your USMC career regardless of what your job is, especially during boot camp.

It is in your best interest to just keep working on them and to be able to do as many as you possibly can without stopping/resting. You can never do enough push-ups, so learn how to properly do them and get busy.

The below video will show you how to do a correct USMC push-up and keep in mind that two civilian push-ups equals one Marine Corps push-ups. Marine Corps push-ups are a four count exercise meaning you begin laying flat on the ground and then you: push up to the ready position, 1) you go down, 2) you go back up, 3) you go back down, and 4) you go back up equaling one Marine Corps push-up.


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